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Great evening, great wines and great company! Ideal venue too! Mark Fletcher

Really enjoyable evening, look forward to the next. Andrew L

Another enjoyable and hugely informative evening. I got to taste some wines that I had always wanted to try but couldn’t really justify the expense. All in all a real treat. As the great wine critic Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I’ll be back”. Union 2

A great evening, my first experience of high end wines or wine tasting but it won’t be my last. A beautifully presented evening with a host with the most. Would highly recommend. Matthew Wood

lovely, informative evening with nice company and well facilitated tasting. Frank Segrave-Daly

A truly great evening. The wines and cheeses were incredible and some of the best flavour combinations I have ever experienced. A Port to remember and a dessert wine that left me speechless. Great wine, great venue and great people. Thank you! The Summer Cafe

Fantastic evening! A great opportunity to taste and discuss some amazing wines in a friendly informal setting. Looking forward to the next event. Claire Crossman

Very enjoyable event at an excellent location. The host was very knowledgeable and the wines were interesting for their variety. It was fascinating to be able to compare tasting notes with the other attendees. I am very much looking forward to attending future events and broadening my palette further. Keep it up! Peter Wakefield

A brilliant evening tasting wines I would never normally have the opportunity or knowledge of to drink. I learnt tons about wines in general but didn’t feel silly or out of place.  Most importantly I had lots of fun with a great bunch of people and it was fascinating hearing what everyone else thought of the wines. Thoroughly recommend to everyone! Ged Brockett

As a complete novice when it comes to wine tasting I went straight in at the classy end and attended one of Eclipse Wine Tastings Champagne evenings in January. A fantastic evening superbly hosted by Julian and his right hand woman Helen, I learnt about the right way to taste the champagne (swish it to the back of your tongue!) and that some may smell of hamster wee (the more sophisticated tasting notes said ‘farmyard’ so I was in the right ball park) but still taste incredibly good. The blind tasting meant that many of us raved about the £10 Lidl offering but weren’t so keen on an £85 vintage – it was interesting to have preconceptions tested. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening – I’m looking forward to the next one. Christina

Would never have bought any of the wines we tasted so great way of exploring new and vintage labels. Great company and great fun and looking forward to the next one in the journey to finally find my regional wine preference. Craig Sillars

Great evening.  Really enjoyed experiencing the wine, learning about the producers and meeting like-minded folk.  Friendly banter and a very informal feeling made for a cracking evening.  10/10. Andy Pass

What a brilliant night, great host and hostess, quality tastings and really great company. I learnt a few new things about champagne too and had a taste of a few that were far too nice and are demanding to be bought:) Would definitely go again, great idea thanks for making it happen! Annette

A very interesting evening. This was my first Eclipse event, and was the Chateauneuf-du-Pape event. We tasted 8 wines altogether, each wine being introduced and contrasted with the previous ones. The number of wines was spot on, and it was absolutely fascinating to see the difference between them all. The tone of the evening was very relaxed, so not intimidating for the unschooled wino such as myself. Julian makes it all memorable, educational, thought-provoking and highly entertaining. Dave Hickson