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About out Tastings

About our Tastings

The thought of attending a wine tasting  fills many people with dread.

They believe they will be embarrassed by their lack of knowledge or that they can`t tell the difference between one wine and another. Many  assume that wine tastings  are for  academics and very experienced “tasters” and have visions of well to do people talking a very funny language, making even funnier noises with their noses.

Our wine tastings are very informal, but there is a clear emphasis on information. We  endeavour to offer you a  highly enjoyable evening and an experience that will heighten your knowledge and appreciation of wine. If we fail to accomplish either, you will be refunded.

Notes on each wine are supplied, and during each wine we will provide the background, history and advise of grape mix , viticulture and vinification processes.

In the past we have held “Masterclasses” where a chosen wine maker will provide a slide show and video to compliment the experience. We have recently enjoyed a “raw” Gin tasting and will shortly be highlighting organic wines and produce from an Italian family from Tuscany. The finest wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Germany are scheduled for early next year.

We recently enjoyed a superb presentation and  wines from Gonzalez  Byass. Don`t be surprised to find soil types or rocks around the table. These are used as props to further help in the understanding of how and why each wine differs.

8 wines are served in professional  ISO glasses, which enhance the bouquet of the wine. Each glass holds 50ml of wine which typically equates to .75 of an alcoholic unit.

Therefore you will consume 6 alcohol units at each tasting.  Spitoons are provided should you chose not to swallow the wine. After tasting each wine, you will be asked to rate the wine out of 10. Scores are collated and published the following day.

Should you be unable to attend the tasting after  having paid, you will be offered a  free ticket to the next tasting, provided we are advised one week before the tasting.

We advise you to consume a meal  shortly before attending our tastings. It is strongly advised that during the tasting, you consume a glass of water after each wine. Water is served with every tasting. Eclipse Wine Tastings  strongly recommends that you do not drive the day after attending a tasting.

Please be aware that if you are, or appear to be under the age of 21,  Eclipse Wine Tastings will not sell you a ticket for the tasting .