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Why Eclipse Wine Tastings?

Eclipse Wine Tastings was formed with one very simple objective- to allow people to club together and purchase the best wines available. By pooling our cash, we are able to source wines that would be cost prohibitive to an individual. Not many would fork out the odd £150.00 to sample the delights of ,say, Cristal, Krug or Dom Perignon. Perhaps you have always wanted to try Chateau D`Yquem but were too afraid to part with such a ludicrous amount of money?

Well, now the risk of huge disappointment is removed . If you do not enjoy one or two wines, you will more than likely enjoy at least another five or six.

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Wine Ratings

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Tasting Location

We meet at several locations in Malmesbury, and we can travel to your preferred location. There is usually a theme, such as Old World V New world, Horizontal or vertical tastings, Regional variations, Grape V grape, and more “drilled – down” tastings such as Pomerol V St.Julien.

Of course one person`s “fine Wine “could be anothers “Vin Ordinaire”.

What may be awful to one may delight another.  So in terms of seeking out the best we can, the tasting group will hunt down those wines that perhaps offer the best example of  balance, length and complexity. These will include some of the Worlds` most famous wines , but efforts will be made to bring those wines to the table that also offer outstanding value.

Eclipse wine Tastings does not indulge in membership, have any strange dress codes and positively discourages flowery language. No preference is given to the tasting experience or knowledge of the individual.

The cost of attending our wine tastings is between £30 and £50 a head, depending on the tasting menu.

Please get in touch if you fancy a fun and  highly informal evening .

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